Thursday, December 31, 2009

salam tahun baru to all bloggers! ngee.. gomen nasai! lama gila aku x update blog. kena bersabar sampe didiey el0k balik. quick update, im employed, alhamdulillah. call centre at quill 7 near kl sentral. environment superb. colleague sempoi. overall, aku puas hati. hehe..

kamu2, rindu la. insyaAllah, kita akan ada gathering. PM will text u nanti, sila beri kerjasama so kita leh jumpa and mengarut cam dulu kala. haha.

k, gtg. ja ne. ^^v

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


assalammu'alaikum w.b.t..

its been a while ne.. since my last post. how are you bloggers and friends? doing fine? me? struggling with boxes of books and clothes and posters*ngehehe..wink2* lots of them.. i hate packing things coz it means i'll have to throw some of them off. you see, i love all my belongings.. but my mom would kill me if i were to bring all of them to our little heaven. it wont fit, so i have to throw some. sad huh.. hehe.. compared to my college days, this time i have more. i dont remember when and where or who give them to me.. but they were gifts. and i cherish each and every tiny little things given to me during these 4 years. me being sappy huh.. yeah, i love my uni days. sue me.

right now, am job hunting. i need to move fast. i do have dreams.. but parents come first. "yakin dengan Allah, satdiyatun.. rezeki ada.. kamu kena cari" .

btw, from now on.. i wont be able to update baraccuda alert as much as before, i'll be at home but i'll try to update once a week ya.. i love this blog.. i'll miss you guys...

that's all for now..

ja ne.

Monday, November 9, 2009


salam! singgah sebentar utk inform yg baracuda masih disini. haha. quick update: four papers completed and three to go. suda lepas critical stages. so far..? alhamdulillah.. cuma demam dan migrain singgah utk dua hari sebab kena hujan masa balik exam. now i am healthy and strong as baracuda. *erk.. cam pelik jek perumpamaan ni* pedulik. aku x sempat singgah blog kamu2. mian.. nak update antivirus jek. nnt kita bbual panjang yek.

sorry lambat.. all the best untuk semua adik2 yg sedang bertarung dengan peperiksaan akhir tahun. eh.. peperiksaan akhir semester. semoga berjaya! jia y0u! ^^v

Thursday, October 22, 2009


salam! yeah, i know, tetibe ari2 update entri. but what to do. im in super duper happy mood! MasyaAllah... finish all assignment on time.. appraised by two of my favorite professor, already know some of the cam, satisfied! Alhamdulillah... but not all subjects, i know the rest is cukup2 makan ja. jadi? sulking? naaaahhhh.. byk lagi keje pekdah aku leh buat. hek3.. bende da lepas! at0n! pandang depan! final da dekat! pegi makan buku2 tuh! tak p0n buat salaiiiiii.. pastu cicah budu! pergghhh.... akakakakkak! td jumpa mabah lagik! level happy itu naik level 3. tgk mabah gelak2 tgk aku terkedek2 larik dalam ujan, level happy tu naik kepada 4. oh ayah ibu terchhentaaa. untukmu hujan panas ka.. hujan sej0k ka.. hujan batu ka.. hujan pasir p0n sangg0p ku redah.hek3.. satgi ade presentation kul 8. jadi, aku beransur dulu ya. takleh suka lebih2. kang ilang bende aku da hapal tuk mlm nih. ngehehehheh.... later!

btw, ini apa yg aku dapat dari class hadith td:
Those who show no mercy will be shown no mercy. (Imam Bukhari)

alhamdulillah!!! final project da siap! ekekekeke.... suke2! *jumping around*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


org kata...

kawan senang nk cari
tp susah nak cari yg sanggup kongsi suka dan duka..

org kata...

kawan senang nak cari
tp selalunye kawan tu gak la yg memberi luka..

org kata...

nak cari kawan
biar dia gak leh jadi lawan...
agar kita leh cermin kelemahan kita di sebalik mata halus dia...
dan blaja menjadi yg lebih baik...

org kata...

kawan yg sejati akn sentiasa mnjadi cermin yg baik buat kita..
tapi... kenapa lawan?
krn... hanya lawan yg akan berterus terang ttg kelemahan kita
dan wat kita sedar yg kita punya kelemahan yg perlu diperbaiki...

kak atun kata....

aku dah punya kawan yg seperti lawan..
aku dah punye kluarga yg seperti lawan..
aku dah punye teman yg seperti lawan..

yg trima aku seadanya.. yg punye lbh kelemahan dr klbhn..
yg sentiasa di sisi saat aku memerlukan...

terima kasih kawan
terima kasih kluarga
terima kasih teman
krn sentiasa setia menjadi lawan
lawan yg x prnh jemu menjadi KAWAN...

p/s: seorang kawan adalah dia yg sanggup terima baik buruk kita. tp kalu nmpk keburukan kawan kita tu jek kita lari sbb x suka dan menyampah, baik cermin diri tu balik.. adakah anda cukup baik dan layak bergelar kawan? and konflik itu normal bila berkawan.. sebab itu honesty is important in friendship. tegur dan marah bila kita buat silap.. beri pujian atas setiap kejayaan. hipokrasi is a no-no in a friendship. kui3~~ renungkan...

Friday, October 16, 2009

BEAST!!! 환영합니다!!

heyya!! dis is just a quick post to introduce new kpop group. they officially debut yesterday, 15th october 2009! they sang Bad girl and Oasis live at MTV. singing and dancing live. but need to improve more in dancing. and err.. hairstyle.. hehe..

"Anneong haseyo, Beast immida."

Cube Entertainment
's upcoming boy idol group B2ST, has revealed a name change from B2ST to BEAST!

A source stated, "Through MTV B2ST, the group revealed themselves as B2ST. After the debut, the group will keep growing up as a better group, being known as BEAST." Though this may seem like a dramatic change in English, in Korean, "2" is pronounced as "ee", so "B2ST" and "BEAST" are actually pronounced the same way.

B2ST BEAST's first mini-album, titled BEAST IS THE B2ST (talk about confusing), contains 5 tracks, with the title-song "Bad Girl." The producers are Lee Sang Ho and Shin Sa Dong Tiger (Lee Ho Yang), who in the past have composed 4minute's "Hot Issue" and "MUZIK,"

The title-song "Bad Girl" will showcase strong beats and an addictive melody, which will fit the performances BEAST will have.

Here are the tracks to BEAST's new album!

01. Beast is the Best
02. Bad Girl
03. Misery
04. 아직은 (Yet)
05. Oasis

*credit to allkpop*

p/s: one of the members is former Big Bang's So-1, Jang Hyun Seung. finally, he's not shy2 cat anymore! ekekekek!!! *GD and T.O.P are So-1's bestest friends*

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


salam! congrats to all my friends who officially graduated from IIUM last weekend. I wont mention any name.. there are a lot.. n you know who you are.. all the best for your future undertakings! i only managed to attend 2nd(sun) and 3rd(mon) day of the convocation coz i went to Port Dickson with family the day before. im sorry for not giving you any fancy gifts nor beautiful bouquet of flowers.. haha.. i only have my doa and deepest gratitude and happiness(i kept on smiling and had a good laugh in both days) to be shared with you.. later eh.. get married faster n i'll get you something better, something nice. hehehe... promise! ^^

p/s: i'll try to upload some pics at PD, only if my lil bro manage to send me some. hehe.. adi0s peeps! ^^v


Thursday, October 8, 2009

salam. lots of things had happened to me, my family and my friends this past few weeks.. lost focus, weight and confidence. need to gain back my strength. i never admit defeat before and never plan to change it. but never once thought that i would easily distracted like now. i like to bottle up everything inside, thats me. typical me. act tough and 'i-can-handle-everything-alone' is my greatest gift from Allah. ada hikmah disebalik setiap kejadian. and as always, it works. until today. out of all people, this person, whom i hardly talked to, try to push the usually-invisible button and try to make me spill out everything. and i hate it. yeah. aku keras kepala, selfish and ego. jadi? you dont know me, so jangan suka2 buat assumptions pasal aku. there's limit for everything. ingat tu. i hate that sick 'pretend-to-be-nice' habit of yours. kat orang lain kau leh try, tp bukan aku. go somewhere else and get drowned!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Innalillah wa inna lillahi roji'un.. salam takziah buat sahabat2 di atas pemergian mereka yg disayangi ke rahmatullah.. fiza hanif zainon@xoxofiza (ayahanda pada 4 oktober 2009) dan siti fairuz kawid@chazzie (nenekanda pada 3 oktober 2009).. moga arwah ditempatkan dikalangan mereka yg beriman dan dirahmatiNYA.. tabahlah wahai sahabat untuk menempuh hari2 mendatang.. al-Fatihah..

Monday, September 28, 2009


Salam Aidilfitri! how's my raya?? 2 words= crowded n tiring.. ngahahha... why? if you know numbers of my siblings+nieces+nephews.. you'll know the answer. still, im grateful to Allah. mereka je yg aku ada. harta aku, nyawa aku. alhamdulillah. as expected, days before raya was my busiest days. painting n cleaning n cooking n baking. my annually-raya-tasks. n i love doing it while listening to raya songs. pasang kuat2 sampai 1 block leh dengaq.. bersemangat tak hengat. pastu after pagi raya.. gambo sana.. gambo sini... g sume umah kakak, abang n pakcik.. makan sampai nak terbukak butang baju..dan kengkawan mabah yg mengunjungi umah sampe ke malam.. cukup time, aku tersadai kat bilik tak sedaq2 hingga keesokkan arinye. beraya at lala land. ngahahaha...orang masuk bilik p0n x sedaq.. kekekek..*hampeh* n skunk da masuk assignment mode. takdak raya mode dah.

to those who gave raya card,e-raya card, sms, dan yg sewaktu dengannya.. thank you very much! sorry tak dapat reply.. papep0n.. Eid Mubarak bloggers!!! 0-0.. minta maaf utk segala kesilapan, keterlanjuran kata, kekasaran tangan dan yg sewaktu dengannya.. sungg0h x sengaje!

p/s: berkenaan ngan open house.. aku tak sure lagi.. papehal akan diinform kemudian ari..


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


JAKARTA 8 Sept. - Sekumpulan penunjuk perasaan bersenjata buluh runcing menahan kenderaan-kenderaan yang melalui Jalan Deponegoro di sini dalam gerakan yang dipanggil 'Sweeping Malaysia' (Sapu Malaysia) bagi mencari dan mengusir rakyat Malaysia.

Kumpulan berkenaan yang mengikat bendera Indonesia di kepala bertindak menahan semua kenderaan dan meminta pemandu dan penumpang menyerahkan kad pengenalan masing-masing.

Sebuah televisyen tempatan, Metronews melaporkan kumpulan berkenaan bertindak merampas kad pengenalan rakyat Malaysia supaya mereka diusir dari Indonesia.

Setakat ini, tiada laporan rakyat Malaysia yang ditahan oleh kumpulan tersebut atau dirampas kad pengenalan mereka.

Kumpulan itu juga merancang untuk mengadakan tunjuk perasaan kali kedua di hadapan Kedutaan Besar Malaysia di sini.

Kumpulan terbabit yang tidak berpuas hati dengan sikap berlembut Kerajaan Indonesia terhadap Malaysia berhubung isu tarian Pendet sebelum ini telah mengadakan tunjuk perasaan di hadapan kedutaan tersebut.

Indonesia sebelum ini menuduh Malaysia sengaja menggunakan tarian Pendet berasal dari Bali dalam promosi pelancongan, walaupun kesilapan itu sebenarnya dilakukan oleh sebuah syarikat swasta dan tidak membabitkan kerajaan Malaysia.

Kedutaan Besar Malaysia di Jakarta difahamkan telah menghubungi para pelajar dan rakyat Malaysia di Indonesia supaya mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga serta tidak pergi ke kawasan yang sensitif.

Kedutaan juga telah meminta Kementerian Luar dan Polis Indonesia supaya mengambil langkah sewajarnya bagi melindungi rakyat Malaysia.

Sementara itu, Detikcom melaporkan 'Sweeping Malaysia' berlangsung selama kira-kira 30 minit dalam suasana 'cukup tegang'.

Pengguna jalan raya berkenaan terkejut kerana mereka ditahan oleh sekumpulan penunjuk perasaan yang menggunakan senjata buluh runcing dan diminta mereka menyerahkan kad pengenalan masing-masing untuk diperiksa. - Utusan

SEKUMPULAN lelaki Indonesia mengadakan sekatan jalan haram sambil memegang sepanduk `Maaf Jalan Anda Terganggu : Sweeping Orang Malaysia’’ di Jakarta semalam. Dalam sekatan itu mereka menyoal pemandu dan penumpang seandainya mereka warga Malaysia. Kedutaan Malaysia meminta warganya supaya mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga dan mengelak daripada melalui kawasan sekatan itu. - AFP

dah baca? meh kita buat analisis.

sejarah mencatatkan perselisihan faham antara indonesian dan malaysian telah wujud sejak zaman t0k kaduk lagi.. perebutan pulau, perebutan kuasa hinggalah perebutan hakcipta lagu rakyat. heh.. apakah?? tiada yang perasankah, ada pihak cuba mengambil kesempatan atas konflik serantau ini? yang mana mereka hanya tunggu peluang untuk interfere into your country sovereignty. wahai asian, hubungan anda sangat dicemburui oleh penduduk bukan garisan khatulistiwa. keakraban kamu buat mereka rasa marah. sila sedar fakta itu. jangan biarkan perkara remeh temeh sebegini merosakkan ikatan yang sedia ada. kita bergaduh begini, mereka bersorak di sana. tahukah anda, asia tenggara paling digeruni selepas afrika. kenapa? sebab sifat ketuanan kita.. kerana adab dan budaya kita.. kerana sifat patriotik dan hormatkan satu sama lain.. dan yang paling penting asian tegas dalam lembut. nilai-nilai ini sangat digeruni oleh mana2 kuasa besar di luar sana. sila sedar akan betapa pentingnya suara anda. sila terapkan kembali konsep ini.. 'bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh'. aku tak mahu perang dunia ke dua berulang kembali. aku serius.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


salam sume. arini aku sgt gembira. dan hati berbunga2. bangun dengan muka tersenyum. kenapa? jangan tanya, aku pun tak tahu. alhamdulillah... tp sakit kepala. haha. tu perkara biasa di waktu ini. midterms, quizzes, assignments n stuff. belajar. biasa la tu. petang berjalan dengan lancar tanpa ada sesiapa yang kena bunuh dengan aku. hmm.. ok la tu kan. aku tak mencederakan, dicederakan atau p0n tercedera. haha. ok. aku tau. aku da masuk fasa merepek. mungkin sebab kepala aku da ringan sangat setelah mengeluarkan segala benda yang aku baca utk satu midterm and dua quiz arini. lusa ada midterm lagi. doakan aku ye. baiklah.. selamat hari selasa ye kengkawan. tata.

p/s: erk.. grax nak belanja berbuka!!!! tu sebab tajuk cenggitu.. ngahahahha... err.. nasi goreng cendawan... nasi goreng cendawan.. nasi goreng cendawan... *gaya cam ngapal history* >.<

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A yo! finaly! Is this watch me waiting for?
brand new G.D! I move by my self. your my heartbreaker
DJ and YG. Let me take this song here

nado eodiseo kkullijin anheo ajik sseulmanhan geol jukji anhasseo
neohana ttaemune manggajin mom sarajin kkum motchatneun mam
neol wihaeseoramyeon i han mom nallyeo niga inneun gosimyeon dallyeo
hajiman geudaen naege annyeong tto annyeong

*neon naega sirtago iyuga mwonyago
jasininneun nipyojeongi modeungeol malhaejwo seulpeugehae
geuraedo jotago gihoereul dallaedo
hanbeon doraseon nimoseup chagaun geu nunbichi sirheoyo

no no
yo ma heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
yo ma heart heart heart breaker no way no way
naega neol tteonagandaedo naneun jeongmal gandago jalsanabojago
jigeutjigeutae ppigeutppigeutae naesarangui bigeuge no way

maeil ttokgachi mutneunde neon naega byeonhaetdago hae gajingseureon ipdamullae
sangdaega nugunji algo malhae nan ije out of control honjaseo gyesok-
geujari geugoseseo annyeong tto annyeong

Repeat *

no no
yo ma heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
yo ma heart heart heart breaker no way no way
naega neol tteonagandaedo naneun jeongmal gandago jalsanabojago
jigeutjigeutae ppigeutppigeutae naesarangui bigeuge

I’ll still still be there(kkeojin ni jeonhwagie)
I’ll still still be there(naejibap pyeonjihame)
nan ajikdo geudael(ijen namira haedo)
I’ll will still be there

yeongwonhi hamkkehajan geumaldeul
jamkkanui,dalkomhan ppunirago
geudaen wae amureochiannnyago nan ireoke apeunde
yo ma heart heart heart breaker naega mwoljalmotaenneunji
yo ma heart heart heart breaker breaker
h.e.a.r.t. breaker

credits: greenglacious @ blogspot


A yo! finally! Is this what youve been waiting for?
brand new G.D! I'm all by myself but its all good
your my heartbreaker DJ and YG
Let me take this song here

I don't give in no matter what, the useful things still haven't died
Only you caused a broken body, dead dreams, lost heart
If it's for you, this one body will fly, will rush to where you're at
However you say goodbye and goodbye to me

I said what's the reason you don't want me
Tell me all about your confident (facial) expressions, do it sadly
Even if I say alright or ask for a chance
I don't like the cold look in your eyes when you turn around once

*No no
Yo ma heart heart heart heart heart breaker
What did I do wrong
Yo ma heart heart heart heart heart breaker
No way no way

I say I'm leaving, I'm really going
To see if you can live well [without me]

This is tedious, this is not going smoothly
My heart's tragedy no way

I ask the same every day, you say that I've changed
Will you please shut your mouth
You speak while knowing who you're talking to
Now I'm out of control, constantly while being alone
In that spot, that place, it's goodbye and goodbye

I said what's the reason you don't want me
Tell me all about your confident (facial) expressions, do it sadly
Even if I say alright or ask for a chance
I hate the cold smile you have when you turn around once


I say I'm leaving, I'm really going
To see if you can live well [without me]

This is tedious, this is not going smoothly
My heart's tragedy no way

I'll still be there (inside your turned off phone)
I'll still be there (at the mailbox in front of my house)
You..I still...(even if we're "strangers" now)
I will still be there

Let's be together, those words
It's only sweet for a little while
Why do you not care when
Hey! I'm hurting this much


Yo ma heart heart heart breaker breaker
Yo ma heart heart heart breaker breaker
H.e.a.r.t. breaker no way

credits: lovenostalgiaa

Friday, September 4, 2009


salam! allo! jumaat suda... selamat hari jumaat sume!!!! heh.. aku x sihat.. physically n mentally. got lotsa things in mind.. to share.. but i cant find the exact word.. plus, i have this one tight rule, 'we shouldnt spill out everything.. ada benda kita kena simpan dalam, yg tak semua org perlu tahu'. geez.. its true when you getting older.. you'll get to see lotsa unpleasant scenes. the TRUTH. which no one wish to see. or they dont want to admit they sees it. you'll get to see different sides of people. therefore, people expect more from you. yep, 'aku nampak apa yg orang lain tak nampak. tapi tak semua orang terima apa yang aku nampak'. faham? so. nak suh aku wat cane lagik? *sigh* fine. i'll let them learn the hard way.. can? benda senang nak faham sebenarnya. simple. senang nak settle tp sifat manusia, suka make things complicated. why eh? hobby ka? heh.. disebabkan benda remeh ini, wayar kepala aku berselirat. ha, tak pasal2 migrain. takleh tgk pc lelama. da takleh layan manga. there goes my bb's n 2EN1 latest videos. geez.. tlg la berfikiran dgn lebih rational. stop making lousy assumptions. coz it wont do you any good. buat research, ada evidence, baru start buat analisis and baru leh follow ngan research findings. jgn terus jump into conclusion. nanti jadik macam 'tin kosong'. faham. heh... sekeh sengsorang baru taw!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


salam! allo bloggers! tadaaaa!!!! Baracuda Alert new layout! GD jjang!!! ngahahahha!!!! *hugs chazzie!* credit to dorkistic design for this amazing layout. *speechless* jeongmal khamsamida!* featuring Big Bang's G-Dragon new solo's Heartbreaker. what else to say... geez... im speechless... n if you notice.. i got new icon here.. one of the best part of this jjang layout . G-Aton's apple!!! kekekekekek!!!! really love this one! *teary eyes* chazzie!!! jeongmal saranghae!!! *hugs*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Salam! happy 52nd independence day.. but do people actually understand the real meaning of independence?? does sovereignty ring a bell?? or do people actually understand its significant to one's nation. t0ksah ckp pasal benda besar.. kita hilang hak untuk melaungkan perkataan "merdeka' itu sendiri.. bila perkataan 'merdeka' itu tidak digunakan ditempat yg sepatutnya.. yg mana ia digunakan, dimanipulasikan sewenang2nya utk kepentingan sendiri..tiada 'merdeka' when you do not know how to respect others and one self.. bagi aku itu bukan 'merdeka'.. rakyat Malaysia perlu kaji semula apa itu maksud 'merdeka'.. and then tanya pada diri sendiri.. 'merdekakah kita?'..

Monday, August 17, 2009


salam! hohoho!!! ai bloggers!! burrppp... erk.. *tutup mulut* kenyang.. alhamdulillah... ngehehe... baru balik dari restoren nelayan, titiwangsa. aku dan keluargaku yg bersaiz besar konvoi 4 kereta td.. gi makan sempena hari kelahiran abah dan my niece. tambah tolak bahagi darab, jumlah yg g tadi.. adalah dalam 25 orang. tu p0n ada yg tak hadir atas sebab kerja dan sebagainya. kekekeke... susah nak berkumpul cani.. dan betapa aku rindukan suasana mlm ni. sungg0h! gelak ketawa mabah, abang2, kakak2, adik2 n kerenah anak2 saudaraku buat aku lupa segala beban dalam otak.. buat aku memanjatkan seribu kesyukuran di dalam hati, dengan segala yg aku miliki di kala ini. terima kasih Ya Allah.. atas segala kurniaanmu.

aku disambut dengan senyuman dari sume orang. kami bersalaman, cium pipiey tak kira usia dan gender.. gelak ketawa bergurau senda after havent seeing each other for like 3-4 months. we share everything. tears n joy. kami kekurangan serba serbi, tapi ini kelebihan yg Allah beri pada kami. kami mesra alam. mabah instill dalam diri setiap seorang dari kami, yg ikatan kekeluargaan lebih penting dari segala. kat mana2 p0n, kena pandai bawa diri. kena jaga hubungan yg sedia ada. insyaAllah, akan ku genggam hingga ke akhir waktu. td tengah makan, tiba2 adikku bisik di telinga, " ya, ju mengandung yg ke-empat".. seb bek tak tersedak! alhamdulillah!.. hari baik bulan baik.. rezeki Allah.. terima kasih Allah.. lagi lapan bulan, kami akan terima ahli baru.. insyaAllah... hehe...

Ya Allah.. aku mohon padaMu.. permudahkanlah hari esok untuk kami.. amin.. amin.. ya Rabbal Alamin...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


It's hard to head straight towards a goal and keep on that track, if you're not quite sure what you want.. you lose track of where you're headed. be it someone you really want to see or a place where you really want to be, everyone is looking for those sorts of things. but we really dont know at the time if thats what we really want. in the end, nobody knows what the future will bring....who says life is easy?? yet its not that complicated either..

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Salam!!! hi bloggers!!! miss u so much!! ngeheheh!!! i just came back from angklung performance. heh.. missing cik 13 n 18 already. but yeah.. that was my last performance here in IIUM. no regret! i was having lotsa fun! thanks to cik 13 n 18! they impressed me as always. u guys rock! haha!! fyi, cik 13 n 18 were my best 'buddies' in IIUM Angklung Club. n yes.. they are couple of bamboo aka angklung.. hehe.. part of angklung melody.. when you shake them, they'll produce very nice sound.. 'susah senang bersama'.. with them, i learn the beauty of music.. with them, i learnt bout responsbility *kalau satu angklung tak bunyi.. rosak lagu! yg aku memang selalu buat la kan.. haha!!* masa aku selalu main tipu, depa jek yg tahu. *jeling chazz.. fine.. chazz noticed too.. nak id0p maaa... aci men redah jek la kalu tgh men lagu upbeat. jgn riso.. wa tak ajar adeq2 baru.. ahaks!*

with this.. i rest my case.. adios!!


Friday, August 7, 2009


Yang kurik itu kundi
Yang merah itu saga
Yang baik itu budi
Yang indah itu bahasa

salam bloggers!! teehee!!^^
tema kita hari ni.
semalam pg makan ikan pari bakar kat portugis grill, midvel.
tak tipu.
orang ramai.
ya, benar.
tengah aku tunggu yours truly gi amik fud kami,
aku dengar bunyi bising dari belakang.
aku pandang belakang, tengok makcik cleaner tengah terkulat2 kena marah ngan customer yg sangat tak BERBUDI BAHASA.
meja tak kering sangat.
melekit2. tak selesa.
aku yg tengok ni ada rasa cam nak bagi tazkirah malam jumaat kat customer tu.
sume org tengok kot.
yo bro! lu melayu kot. bertamadun. tada blaja ke apa hukumnya mengaibkan orang sebegitu rupa di khalayak ramai. kang makcik cumey tu sumpah lu makan tak kenyang2 baru lu tau. haa... doa orang teraniaya makbul tahu... ha... ayok... tak tau.. gerak ngan jari2 sekali. *gaya mamat my nephew bila adah tumpahkan air >.<*
apa la salahnya.. tisu free melambak kat depan mata.. lu amik barang sehelai dua.. kasi lap la sket.. awat?? tgn kenyal lu tu leh kejang ka kalu lu lap meja tu sendiri?
makcik cumey itu dengan penuh tawaduq dan berdedikasi tunduk kepala minta maaf dan cepat bagi kering meja tu.
certain people would say this
"ala..tu da memang kije depa.."
yep. aku tak nafi fakta tu.
aku malas nak cakap banyak
lu pikir ni je la
"memberi tu lebih baik dari menerima"
"lu respect orang, orang respect lu balik"
makcik tu da tua la bro.. kasi ringan sikit tulang2 muda lu tu.. tolong ringankan beban orang lemah.. nanti benefit lu gak later..
murah rezeki...
dapat pahala..
exercise muscle..
awek suka..>.<
pastu senyum sket kat makcik cleaner tu. k0mpem dier bagi kilat lu punya meja.
dah la.
malas bising2
sekian suda bebelanku di pagi jumaat,
penghulu segala hari.
yg baik jadikan teladan
yg buruk jangan sesekali copy!
sendiri tapis la eh.
kata hang aducated readers..
aku tak sebaik halimatun saadiah... aku hanyalah satdiyatun yang banyak buat mistake and slowly learn from it. kalu aku bagi silap fakta, sila betulkan.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


salam! tagged again by nanako. as grax said.."nana... ko K.E.J.A.M". *tiru gaya sudin dalam seniman bujang lapok.."hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeyyyyyy hang nana!! aku menggigil buat tag ni ko tau! berrrrrani ko tag aku pepanjang cenggini! ko tak tau berapa kali aku gi tulet sbb stressss jawab 70 s0klan ko ni! aku sekeh siku ko baru taw!"ekekekeke.....XDDDDD
so.. here's the result..

1. The phone rings; who do you want it to be?
my bf >.<.. tapi aku memang x suka bila hp tu berbunyi.. kaco program tul.

2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart?

3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener?

4. Do you take compliments well?
yep. ia baik utk kesihatan.

5. Do you play Sudoku?

6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive?

7. Do you like to ride horses?
no. one is enuff.

8. Did you ever go to camp as a kid?

9. What was your favorite game as a kid?
panjat pokok buah jambu air and pokok ceri. nyum2..

10. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew he/she was married, would you go for it? haha.. define sexy.. >.<

11. Have you lied to get out of a date?

12. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you?

13. Do you like to pursue or be pursued?
Be pursued.

14. Use three words to describe yourself?
simple, positive yet temper.

15. Do any songs make you cry?

16. Are you continuing your education?
yep. insyaAllah..

17. Do you know how to shoot a gun?
haha.. nope.

18. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you grabbed?
identification card and segala document penting. seksa woo nak g buat lagik sekali. leceh!

19. How often do you read books?
everynight before i sleep. any books.

20. Do you think more about the past, present or future?

21. What is your favorite children's book?
buku mewarna n DORAEMON!!!! muwaghahahah!!!

22. What color are your eyes?
Dark brown

23. How tall are you?
5" lebih sket.

24. Where is your dream house located?
anywhere is fine with me.

25. Do you have a secret fetish?
secret maaa....

26. Have you tried sushi?

27. Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth?

28. When was the last time you were at Olive Garden?

29. When was the last time you were at Church?
at the age of 12.

30. Where was the furthest place you traveled today?
Bandung, Indonesia.

31. What was your favorite job?

32. Do you like mustard?

33. Do you prefer to sleep or eat?

34. Do you look like your mom or dad?
none. funny ehh... i look more like my late grandma belah abah punya adik. kekekek...>.<

35. How long does it take you in the shower?

36. Can you do the splits?

37. What movie do you want to see right now?

38. If you could fast forward your life, would you?
nope. things happened with reasons aite...

39. What did you do for New Year's?

40. Do you think The Grudge was scary?

41. Could you relate to a character in Mean Girls?

42. Do you own a camera phone?

43. Do you have an "ex box" with pics and letters from past lovers?
yep. *pandang kiri kanan*

44. Was your mom a cheerleader?
hahaha!! *gelak golek2* nope!

45. What's the last letter of your middle name?

46. Do you like your middle name?

47. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
3-4 hrs.

48. Do you like care bears?

49. What do you buy at the movies?
mineral water.

50. Do you know how to play poker?

51. Do you wear your seatbelt?

52. What do you wear to sleep?
anything comfy.

53. Anything big ever happen in your hometown?
yeah! H1NI.

54. How many meals do you eat a day?

55. Is your tongue pierced?
yeah! wanna see??? kekeke... telinga p0n seghiau... ni kan plak lidah.. ekekekek

56. Ever meet anyone you met on myspace?

57. Do you read myspace bulletins?

58. Do you like funny or serious people better?

59. Ever been to L.A.?

60. Did you eat a cookie today?

61. Do you use cuss words in other languages?
yeah. sumtimes.

62. Do you steal or pay for your music downloads?
hehehe... *pandang kiri kanan*

63. Do you hate chocolate?
no. telan x minat sangat.

64. What do you and your parents fight about the most?
hm.. bout my health..

65. Are you a gullible person?
ngehehe... depends...

66. Do you need a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy?
bf or gf... idk.. but i know i need my friendssss to cheer me up.

67. If you could have any job what would it be?
Administrator. HRM to be specific.

68. Are you easy to get along with?

69. What is your favorite time of day?
night... sleeping...

70. Tagging?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


salam!!! anneong bloggers!!! how's ur weekend?? mine's great. in spite of not feeling well due to sudden migrain n gastric last week, i was having great weekend, having debate with my boyfriend over the ISA (akta dalam negara) issue, and some other current issues (political) really make my day. it was an enjoyable discussion, since we have different opinion on this matters. ahaks! its always like that.. we see things 'differently'. which makes things more interesting and sometimes complicated. dia nampak apa yg aku tak nampak. hehe.. there, we create balance.. though most of the times it will lead to 'perang sedare''. ekekek..well, no heart feelings la bro.. kata discussion.. mesti la kena ade adegan baling kerusi atau 'piring terbang' *merujuk kepada parlimen negara Taiwan* teehee.. ^^ hmm.. tak kira la kat mana p0n.. tengah makan.. tengah pilih kasut, tengah drive.. and in the end, samada dia menang atau aku kalah. *as if i ever won over the discussion la kan* he's my reliable resources over current issue.. since aku sangat malas baca paper.. kekeke... thanks dude!!

p/s: it's rare for me to mention my bf in my post.. but i feel like doing it today. kekeke... special appearance for his birthday this coming tuesday 04.08.09.. ingat senang ke aku nak buka hikayat kat sini?? kekeke... so, happy birthday inche radhi!!! saranghae!!! yuckky??? gediks??? like i care... lalalalala...teehee...^^v

two version of Gara Gara Go!! love em both. kekeke...
1. Big Bang perform Gara Gara go live! after long wait.. ^^
2. Timez Out cover Gara Gara Go in Audition Cover Dance at Thailand. Big Bang taller version. kekekeke.... nice one there!

and now im watching gee suju's version in Super Show II. *gelak golek2 dpn pc tanpa mempedulikan mereka yg melihat* hae's Beautiful solo feat. jae!!! *major nosebleed* dont don eunhae's act!!! sorry sorry remix! kya!!!!! nak dvd!!!!!! uncle SM!!!!! cepat kuarkan itu DVD!!!!! *amik tissue extra*

Monday, July 27, 2009


Salam! hi friends!! today's topic: Arts. nahh... am not that expert in this area, unlike some of my talented dongsaengs who can play any musical instruments (azuwa and fairuz). and of course, painting is not even a question since i can hardly draw a decent line. teehee.. >.< but i do love arts.. and i appreciate it. for me, be it music or painting, its unique in its own way. its already there, part of your life. say, whenever you approach a painting or a piece of music, try getting close to the soul of that artist. fascinatingly, you'll begin to hear the artist speaking to you and when that happens, that's when, for the first time, the observer is able to truly be moved by the art. The artist's struggle, beyond all the pain and the failure he has to overcome, you'll come to understand that that's where true happiness lies. we, who has known only a sweet and easy life could never do anything to move another soul. That goes for the observer as well. That's why hardship isn't without its merit either, you see.. it gives you another 'definition' of life.. and im so grateful to be apart of it.. to be able to see it.. to be able to read between the line.. and to be able to differentiate between illusion and reality.. life is so full of surprise and secrets that waiting for you to reveal it. and you'll learn a lot from it. whenever you ready. AllahuAkbar.

me.. merely an observer...

Friday, July 24, 2009


salam!! hi!! i want to share something with you guys.. i went to KL Sentral this afternoon for some business. on the way, i encountered two different scenes.

scene 1: conversation between 2 persons, Chinese and Malay. they were waiting at the opposite direction. one headed to Bangsar, and his friend headed to Terminal Putra. While waiting, they're chatting using sign language, you know..the one with hands movements. i was amazed. seems like they were having fun. judging from their expression. yep. they looked excited. even though they are far away from each other. they were enjoying it. ignoring people whose continuously watching them. perhaps, those people share the same amazement as mine.

Scene 2: I was in the train. on the way back to UIA. i sat next to a group of ahjunma. 2 Chinese, 1 Malay, and 1 Indian. they are at their 40s.. looking at their hair colour.. teehee... wearing an id card, same company.. maybe they were having their lunch break.. on friday.. we have longer lunch break in Malaysia. they were happily chatting. in 3 different language. o.O Chinese, Malay and English. *oookkkaayyy... i know.. i was amazed, again* during the conversation, the Chinese lady speaks Mandarin, and the Malay lady replied in English, and Malay. same as the Indian. *wooo.. ahjunma!!! nak signnnnnn......*

Research findings: Language is absolutely not a barrier for a good communication. looks how its strengthen people's relationship from different background. nothing is impossible as long as we try our best to suits each other needs. that is what we called 'give and take'.. or respect.. i believe. ^^

yours truly..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Salam. i am sorry. for many things. seriously, i have this uneasiness inside me, now, at this moment. i am sorry. for talking too much today. i have this bad habit whereby i always have the tendency to 'tegur' people when i selfishly thought, they might need one. that i selfishly thought it might help them to solve their problem. and this evening, i realize that ive made big mistake. i should not do that. people have their own way on handling things. i should not interfere with them. i am sorry if ive cause uneasiness towards each one of you. i am sorry. please.. please stop me if i talk too much again in the future. im scared, if my words might hurt others. im scared, for people might misinterpret my words. im scared, for my words might cause more confusion. i am sorry.

yours truly..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


salam!!! hi guys! im sorry for late update. lotsa things had happened this past two weeks. courseworks, weddings, family, friends... travelling.. yep. im exhausted. and today i missed two of my classes because am not feeling well. plus.. tak makan pape lagi..takde rasa nak makan. since it's my final semester, insyaAllah. there are several things need to be done. job interviews.. group discussions.. presentations already started.. assignments... and its only 2nd week of this semester.. taking seven subjects really drive me nuts.. again. fever n cold keep on distracting me.. ya Allah.. I really need some rest.. or i'll collapse. not complaining but.. im tired. sheeesshhhh... nak dengar big bang kuat2! kasi gegar kepala otak!

Monday, July 13, 2009


ngeee.. pepagi da kene attack... cehh...T_T

gara2 go!!! Big Bang Japan's latest single.. gomen.. too lazy to give more detail on this.. i love this song and their choreos'! awesome! enjoy! ^^v

today's quote:

'every people's opinion is right..nothing is wrong..
so, if someone commented on someone's mind
looks like something wrong with her mind..'

-Siti Fairuz Kawid-

xie2 kcik..*wink2* ^^


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


salam!!! hi peeps! how r u doin? me doin just fine.. alhamdulillah.. i'd been home for four awesum days. yeah, i know. for those who knows me, they'll say like, 'hah??' or 'lamanya..'. since i've never spend more than three days at home, except for special occassion. teehee.. ^^there's no specific reason la people.. i just feel like..'ngeh..its good to be home' and i'm having sore throat rite now, been yelling and yelled back by my nephew and niece.. yep! baby sitting those anak2 gergasi was tiring and well.. lively. there was blackout last sunday and i was so busy jadi mak guard jaga lilin tu because all the four babies thought d candle as ceklat putih.*sigh* sudahnya si mamat ajak main hide and seek dalam gelap. =.=!! tak layan dia nangis. tak ke haru.. kekeke.. i still remember where they hide and the sound they make, so excited to play with mak uda.. kekeke.. and after 3-5 mins, si jijah(4 years old) went out from her tempat menyorok sambil silang lengan.. 'uda ni lambat la!, ijah dah peluh banyak ni'.. kekekek.. not to forget lunch and dinner, empat2 nganga mulut.. masa ni menuntut kesabaran yang teramat.. k0mpem akan ada yang menjerit bila kita dulukan yang lain. 'eh, jijah la plak.. asyik mamat jek!'.. and syuhadah akan menolak2 dan menyelit2kan kepala sampai macam nak masuk dalam pinggan.. until i have to yell sambil angkat pinggan tinggi2 and said, tamo gaduh! kang uda makan sorang2! yep! as expected, it wont work. ada la 5 saat depa senyap.. kids.. huda paling senang.. dia nganga jek.. *sebab dia tak pandai cakap lagik* teehee.. ^^ and here i am, at itd after four days at home. their parents took them home already. cuti. sheesshhh... i miss my anak2 gergasi...


Friday, July 3, 2009


salam!! hi bloggers! tadaaaa!!!!! new layout! *hugs chazzie!!!* *jeongmal sarangae!!!!* ^^ this new layout featuring eunhae! kekekeke... my most fav members in Super Junior.. *sniff* am not feeling well actually. got fever. ni sume mangkuk ayun tu punya pasal. haiyysss... chincha! but this video here making me forgot bout my sickness and gelak tak hingat orang sekeliling. kahkahkahkah!! dorky little fellow.. its kinda old, but whatever.. enjoy!!! *sniff* erk..


Monday, June 29, 2009


salam!!! im back!! haha! but only for a while. i'm off to Kuala Kangsar this wednesday for some yummy durian! yay!! *jumping around* as my mom said.. 'takda sapa leh lawan durian arwah atuk kamu.' yeah! hv to agree with that. hikhikhik... gonna snap some pics of me n my big sis kutip durian n upload em later. for now, here is something for u, my beloved bloggers.. ahaks! tadda!!! proudly present.. Big Bang acapella!! Emotion.. tak sempat nk rembat full version. YG da block. sempat dgr jek. haissyyy... chincha.. hekhek.. tak kesah.. dpt acapella p0n jadik.. *bad VIP* freakin love this song. gd's new baby. Big Bang latest single. and here's also Big Bang's Heaven MV and their live performance at Japan. Big Bang Japan debut. awesome huh! gd's hair! omo! 0.O *fangirl mode* and somehow magnae has improve his vocal a little, aite? so... yeorobun, enjoy!! ^^ err.. hope its not too late.. happy holiday peeps!! ngeheheh... ^^v


Monday, June 22, 2009


where's baracuda?? she's in 'deep sleep'. currently found at hafsa. hibernating. she's not sure herself when she'll be awake. so, if you wanna reach her.. please do so by sms. thank you. ^^

p/s: btw guys..the number of influenza A (H1N1) cases in the country continues to rise. total cases now is 50 with latest one in Petaling Jaya. so.. be careful k. keep clean. may Allah protect us.. amin...

errkk.. miss Suju already... they gonna have 1st concert soon... huhu... x kesah la.. luv 21st June Sorry2's choreo! sugoi!! ^^


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


salam. baru lepas kelas bahasa arab. tadi belajar pasal adab. sifat-sifat hamba yang beradab pada sesama manusia dan pada Allah s.w.t. antaranya tak boleh berjalan membangga diri, tak boleh berjalan laju-laju, tak boleh bersuara tinggi aka menjerit-jerit. ustaz bilang.. kalau jalan membangga diri, tak pandang bawah.. nanti jatuh atau terlanggar orang dan hanya nampak kelemahan dan keburukan orang.. tapi tak sedar kelemahan dan keburukan diri sendiri. kemudian, kalau jalan laju-laju.. nanti kita tak nikmati kecantikan alam.. sama dengan tak bersyukur.. kalau bersuara tinggi.. ustaz cakap tak sopan.. macam keldai tengah menjerit kelaparan. hmm.. lepas kelas aku muhasabah diri sejenak.. aku macam ada je sifat-sifat yang disebut ni. takutnya.. hmm.. kena belajar jadi sederhana.. kamu-kamu... aku minta maaf ya.. andai sepanjang perkenalan.. aku ada tertinggi suara atau berkelakuan yang seperti disebut di atas. sungguh aku tak sedar akan kelemahan diri.. hehe.. aku perlu maju setapak lagi.. untuk perbaiki diri. nak jadi perempuan dan ibu mithali. amin..^^


Saturday, June 13, 2009

13TH OF JUNE 2009!!!

chotto!! its 13th of June 2009.. Baracuda Alert da genap setahun!!! erk?? x perasan.. bakabara!! ngee... 95 posts.. more than 5 layouts changed.. didiey was born.. kengkawan bertambah.. dame!! perlukah mkck tuka layout baru?? selalunya kcik and nana tuka layout baru kalu celebrate anni.. hmm.. tapi mkck syg layout nih.... btw.. special thnks to friends who continuosly support Baracuda Alert!! all this while.. arigatou ne! ^^ hmm.. nk tuka ke xnak.. nk tuka ke xnk....



salam bloggers! hikhikhik... sorry for the two-weeks-MIA. ngee.. semak with quizzes and stuff.. ngeh.. nothing much to tell.. final exam da dekat.. tapi mkck xde perasaan nak study lagik.. cane?? ngeheh.. dok layan anime ja. yep! mkck ngah dalam musim anime. sume jenis anime mkck layan... any suggestion?? and mkck tgh dalam misi membalas dendam.. nanae is sooooooooo nice to have that hyukjae pic for her latest post. xpe2... nnt mkck bagi special appearance utk si donghae tu kat cni... jgn riso ek.... i'll find pro help if i have to... u little... chincha....just wait n see!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


salam!!! hey! happy tuesday peeps! baracuda's in really happy mode. why? she pass her arabic mid term for the first time, hmm.. having really exciting conversation with her beloved mabah.. listening to their voice on how happy they are with their nasi lemak business progress. alhamdulillah. she knows that voice. tired yet happy. she's willing to sacrifice everything for that voice. hikhik. plus she dont have to spend on daily meals since mabah deliver em to her everyday. what more could she ask?? air tangan mabah + their hugs and kisses everyday. man.. that's more than enough. dia tamo jadi manusia tamak. orang tamak selalu rugi. hikhik..^^

thank you Allah..


Monday, June 1, 2009


salam!!! hola!! how's ur weekend peeps?? mine was amazing, i'd say. ngehehe... having secret recipe's strawberry choc at one of the most beautiful Putrajaya's bridge IS amazing for me. breathtaking. always admire such creation. sightseeing. thanks to you-know-who. ahaks! ^^


Friday, May 29, 2009


salam!!! hi people! how are you?? baracuda's doing fine. alhamdulillah. she's always in happy mode. haha. once asked, 'do you ever have problem?'. sure do. i mean, who doesnt? everyone does, rite. tapi perlu la nak merintih sepanjang masa. doesnt work that way,tho. not for her, at least. she loves to see smiling faces. it gives her more courage. you can overcome 1001 difficulties with just a smile. not fake smile. no. one with honesty. yes. that come from the bottom of your heart. haha. it gives you strength. to others. as well. so powerful that it can even stop a fight. lighten up your mood. cheer up people around you. but that doesnt mean she hates those without one. no. she's not hypocrite. she knows how things work. sure do. but y'know.. things happens. always. it wont stop. never. but it wont hurt to smile everytime you encounter one. haha. it really works. trust me.

'frown and you frown alone, but smile and the whole world smiles with you'.

btw, from Islamic perspective.. 'senyum tu satu sedekah'.. hekhekhek..

so.. say cheeeseeee..... (^_^)v


Thursday, May 28, 2009


salam!! mission accomplished. didiey telah dihantar untuk diperbaiki semula. mkck mmg bagi bazooookkaaaaa kat si pembaiki komputer itu. keyboard misplaced.. kotor sangat, wayar terkeluar.. blablabla.. quote kata-kata nanako, didiey versi 'frankenstein'. ngeee.... mkck tutup kata dengan 'saya takkan kene charge apa2 kan?' mkck da dapatkan nasihat dari pakar, kalau kena bayar, report kat FSFD. n i will. sekiranya didiey tidak dikembalikan kepada keadaan normal. try me.

p/s: nak g midvell. dapat tiket free. tayangan perdana terminator salvation. mata ne!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HEY4X..........HANG JEBAT!!!!!

salam! didiey da kuar ICU. tapi makin teruk. tadi gi amik bawa balik. depa buka cane ntah.. keyboard dier xleh detect langsung. siap terkeluaq dari tempat asalnya. tak ke ternganga mkck tgk. ngee. hempehh. sok pepagi. mkck akn melancarkan bazoooookaaaa kat itu kedai komputer. ngee. jaga la hangpa. berani mencederakan didiey ya. hmm. pada masa yang sama. kawan lelaki mkck ckp.. laaa...'aku p0n leh pasang mende tu..' skrg br nk mai habaq la kan.. mkck cabai satgi br taw. huhu. takpa. sok diskus. yg pntg mkck kene menuntut bela utk didiey. huh.


salam! yay!!! aishteru chazz!! from Dorkistic Design! here's my new layout! featuring KATTUN, Japanese boy band under Johnny's Entertainment. love em so much. the group name taken from the members' surname initials. Kazuya, Akanishi, Tanaka, Taguchi, Ueda and Nakamaru. Debut in 2006, they are one of the most popular group in Japan for now..with four studio's albums, ten singles and four or five big concerts.. i forgot. gomen. genre: pop. really good dancer. trust me. their music is basically different from other Japanese group like NEWS and Kanjani8. love all their songs. so much. kinda addicted to em. oops. i know. haha. dont u ever stop, lips, real face, keep the faith, wild heart, murasaki.. uhuh.. u should try to listen to em. their lyrics. catchy. really. their MVs.. cheers to their solo's as well. 1582, someday for somebody, kizuna, care, wonder... never tired listening to each one of em. addiction. hurm.. guess so. lead vocalist is kame followed by akanishi. but to me, akanishi is better, tho. haha. try to listen to their songs if you wanna try something different.

err.. gtg. got midterm at 10. ciao!

p/s: i love my new layout!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


salam! gonna have midterm tonite. i know. just a short post. hehe. just cant wait for baracuda's new layout. requested yesterday. suprisingly, she text me last nite. 'layout siap!'. hontoni??? yay! cant reply her text. n ive already gave a quick visit to it. n freaking love it. for thousand times, love her designs. n am kinda addicted to it. kcik. arigatou ne. u make my day. thanks 4 d wish. ^^

ngee... cant wait!


Monday, May 25, 2009


Salam!!! hi bloggers!! hikhikhik. happy. baracuda given award by nanako. dont know how and why. but thank you nana!! baracuda really appreciate it. baracuda will be having mid term test on 26th and 27th of may. arabic level 6 and parenting. both bring 30%. she'd done her revisions and skip instant noodles+asam for two weeks + with didiey in intensive care unit *which she find herself.. 'wooowwww'.. since those three are her bff*. so, she consider herself 'hardworking' enough. ye ke? please pray for her ek. *tamo pisang berbuah lima belas kali.. ngeee*

again. thanks nanako!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


salam. mode: sedih. didiey sakit. tadi baru anta pegi clinic. doc cakap kena periksa didiey dulu. tgk apa sakit dier. dan mkck beri sedikit gambaran and symptom berkenaan ngan penyakit didiey. doc tu diam kejap. pastu angguk. dan angguk lagi. mkck cam nak ckp. apa yg kamu anggukkan. pastu dia ckp. 'tu ada mslh i/d....#%$$^%#.. bahasa yg mmg mkck takkan faham. mkck anggukkn aje la. pastu doc ckp, 2 minggu blh. mkck ckp, ha??. 2 minggu?? dan terus cuba meraih simpati tuan doctor itu. seminggu takleh ke?? gila apa takde didiey 2 minggu. mati kutu la mkck. huhu. maka sekarang mkck kesepian tanpa didiey disisi. dia dimasukkan ke wad untuk pemeriksaan lanjut. 2 minggu. 14 hari. 336 jam. 20160 minit. 1209600 saat. lamanya. didiey. cepat la baik.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LE 4500

salam!! hi there!!! ive just finish le 4500 class where we've had several interesting presentations on public speaking.. y'know.. ethics, the do's and don'ts.. bla3... the presentations went well until a fight took place.. it wasnt really a fight i'd say.. its more towards a 'sarcastic conversation' which i enjoyed it. very much. hikhik... its all started when there was one bro (latin) being asked during his Q n A session by another bro(sudanese) from other group, unexpectedly, he wasnt satisfied with the 'attack' and when the sudanese turn came, he attacked him by continuously critisizing his way of talking, his appearance.. his slides.. in his own way. the thing is, this latin guy really love poem. he critisized the sudanese using tone we use in poem. *mkck bantai gelak x hengat laa. hambik bag tutup muka.. kahkahkah!!! gila kelakau!!* ape daaa.... tapi tabeq spring la! kalu dier msk theatre. kompem mkck g. serious! hikhikhik... dgn muke sume org cam nk biru p0n ade... mende la.. bayangkan ya.. kamu tengah marah nih! kutuk org x hingat. tapi dalam nada n bentuk poem.. hikhikhik... kerrriiiinnngggg tekakkk mkck... hikhikhik... ape daaa...*

moral of the story... jgn carik pasal ngan mamat latin. kang sangkut sbb dier mmg sweet talker x hengat. haha. zai jian!

p/s: lappyku meragam. have to replace the graphic card. adehhh.... -.-!!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


for those who keep asking what ive been doing for the 1st week of short semester..
hope this help.
ive gone collecting lotsa new things.
new faces.
new friends.
broader view of outside world.
people with
different colors.
different motives.
which eventually
we'll have to face
whether you like it or not.
that full of laughter and tears.
which lies in front of you
waiting for you
to choose
your very own

which i keep asking myself
am i ready for this?