Monday, July 27, 2009


Salam! hi friends!! today's topic: Arts. nahh... am not that expert in this area, unlike some of my talented dongsaengs who can play any musical instruments (azuwa and fairuz). and of course, painting is not even a question since i can hardly draw a decent line. teehee.. >.< but i do love arts.. and i appreciate it. for me, be it music or painting, its unique in its own way. its already there, part of your life. say, whenever you approach a painting or a piece of music, try getting close to the soul of that artist. fascinatingly, you'll begin to hear the artist speaking to you and when that happens, that's when, for the first time, the observer is able to truly be moved by the art. The artist's struggle, beyond all the pain and the failure he has to overcome, you'll come to understand that that's where true happiness lies. we, who has known only a sweet and easy life could never do anything to move another soul. That goes for the observer as well. That's why hardship isn't without its merit either, you see.. it gives you another 'definition' of life.. and im so grateful to be apart of it.. to be able to see it.. to be able to read between the line.. and to be able to differentiate between illusion and reality.. life is so full of surprise and secrets that waiting for you to reveal it. and you'll learn a lot from it. whenever you ready. AllahuAkbar.

me.. merely an observer...

Friday, July 24, 2009


salam!! hi!! i want to share something with you guys.. i went to KL Sentral this afternoon for some business. on the way, i encountered two different scenes.

scene 1: conversation between 2 persons, Chinese and Malay. they were waiting at the opposite direction. one headed to Bangsar, and his friend headed to Terminal Putra. While waiting, they're chatting using sign language, you know..the one with hands movements. i was amazed. seems like they were having fun. judging from their expression. yep. they looked excited. even though they are far away from each other. they were enjoying it. ignoring people whose continuously watching them. perhaps, those people share the same amazement as mine.

Scene 2: I was in the train. on the way back to UIA. i sat next to a group of ahjunma. 2 Chinese, 1 Malay, and 1 Indian. they are at their 40s.. looking at their hair colour.. teehee... wearing an id card, same company.. maybe they were having their lunch break.. on friday.. we have longer lunch break in Malaysia. they were happily chatting. in 3 different language. o.O Chinese, Malay and English. *oookkkaayyy... i know.. i was amazed, again* during the conversation, the Chinese lady speaks Mandarin, and the Malay lady replied in English, and Malay. same as the Indian. *wooo.. ahjunma!!! nak signnnnnn......*

Research findings: Language is absolutely not a barrier for a good communication. looks how its strengthen people's relationship from different background. nothing is impossible as long as we try our best to suits each other needs. that is what we called 'give and take'.. or respect.. i believe. ^^

yours truly..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Salam. i am sorry. for many things. seriously, i have this uneasiness inside me, now, at this moment. i am sorry. for talking too much today. i have this bad habit whereby i always have the tendency to 'tegur' people when i selfishly thought, they might need one. that i selfishly thought it might help them to solve their problem. and this evening, i realize that ive made big mistake. i should not do that. people have their own way on handling things. i should not interfere with them. i am sorry if ive cause uneasiness towards each one of you. i am sorry. please.. please stop me if i talk too much again in the future. im scared, if my words might hurt others. im scared, for people might misinterpret my words. im scared, for my words might cause more confusion. i am sorry.

yours truly..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


salam!!! hi guys! im sorry for late update. lotsa things had happened this past two weeks. courseworks, weddings, family, friends... travelling.. yep. im exhausted. and today i missed two of my classes because am not feeling well. plus.. tak makan pape lagi..takde rasa nak makan. since it's my final semester, insyaAllah. there are several things need to be done. job interviews.. group discussions.. presentations already started.. assignments... and its only 2nd week of this semester.. taking seven subjects really drive me nuts.. again. fever n cold keep on distracting me.. ya Allah.. I really need some rest.. or i'll collapse. not complaining but.. im tired. sheeesshhhh... nak dengar big bang kuat2! kasi gegar kepala otak!

Monday, July 13, 2009


ngeee.. pepagi da kene attack... cehh...T_T

gara2 go!!! Big Bang Japan's latest single.. gomen.. too lazy to give more detail on this.. i love this song and their choreos'! awesome! enjoy! ^^v

today's quote:

'every people's opinion is right..nothing is wrong..
so, if someone commented on someone's mind
looks like something wrong with her mind..'

-Siti Fairuz Kawid-

xie2 kcik..*wink2* ^^


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


salam!!! hi peeps! how r u doin? me doin just fine.. alhamdulillah.. i'd been home for four awesum days. yeah, i know. for those who knows me, they'll say like, 'hah??' or 'lamanya..'. since i've never spend more than three days at home, except for special occassion. teehee.. ^^there's no specific reason la people.. i just feel like..'ngeh..its good to be home' and i'm having sore throat rite now, been yelling and yelled back by my nephew and niece.. yep! baby sitting those anak2 gergasi was tiring and well.. lively. there was blackout last sunday and i was so busy jadi mak guard jaga lilin tu because all the four babies thought d candle as ceklat putih.*sigh* sudahnya si mamat ajak main hide and seek dalam gelap. =.=!! tak layan dia nangis. tak ke haru.. kekeke.. i still remember where they hide and the sound they make, so excited to play with mak uda.. kekeke.. and after 3-5 mins, si jijah(4 years old) went out from her tempat menyorok sambil silang lengan.. 'uda ni lambat la!, ijah dah peluh banyak ni'.. kekekek.. not to forget lunch and dinner, empat2 nganga mulut.. masa ni menuntut kesabaran yang teramat.. k0mpem akan ada yang menjerit bila kita dulukan yang lain. 'eh, jijah la plak.. asyik mamat jek!'.. and syuhadah akan menolak2 dan menyelit2kan kepala sampai macam nak masuk dalam pinggan.. until i have to yell sambil angkat pinggan tinggi2 and said, tamo gaduh! kang uda makan sorang2! yep! as expected, it wont work. ada la 5 saat depa senyap.. kids.. huda paling senang.. dia nganga jek.. *sebab dia tak pandai cakap lagik* teehee.. ^^ and here i am, at itd after four days at home. their parents took them home already. cuti. sheesshhh... i miss my anak2 gergasi...


Friday, July 3, 2009


salam!! hi bloggers! tadaaaa!!!!! new layout! *hugs chazzie!!!* *jeongmal sarangae!!!!* ^^ this new layout featuring eunhae! kekekeke... my most fav members in Super Junior.. *sniff* am not feeling well actually. got fever. ni sume mangkuk ayun tu punya pasal. haiyysss... chincha! but this video here making me forgot bout my sickness and gelak tak hingat orang sekeliling. kahkahkahkah!! dorky little fellow.. its kinda old, but whatever.. enjoy!!! *sniff* erk..