Tuesday, November 24, 2009


assalammu'alaikum w.b.t..

its been a while ne.. since my last post. how are you bloggers and friends? doing fine? me? struggling with boxes of books and clothes and posters*ngehehe..wink2* lots of them.. i hate packing things coz it means i'll have to throw some of them off. you see, i love all my belongings.. but my mom would kill me if i were to bring all of them to our little heaven. it wont fit, so i have to throw some. sad huh.. hehe.. compared to my college days, this time i have more. i dont remember when and where or who give them to me.. but they were gifts. and i cherish each and every tiny little things given to me during these 4 years. me being sappy huh.. yeah, i love my uni days. sue me.

right now, am job hunting. i need to move fast. i do have dreams.. but parents come first. "yakin dengan Allah, satdiyatun.. rezeki ada.. kamu kena cari" .

btw, from now on.. i wont be able to update baraccuda alert as much as before, i'll be at home but i'll try to update once a week ya.. i love this blog.. i'll miss you guys...

that's all for now..

ja ne.

Monday, November 9, 2009


salam! singgah sebentar utk inform yg baracuda masih disini. haha. quick update: four papers completed and three to go. suda lepas critical stages. so far..? alhamdulillah.. cuma demam dan migrain singgah utk dua hari sebab kena hujan masa balik exam. now i am healthy and strong as baracuda. *erk.. cam pelik jek perumpamaan ni* pedulik. aku x sempat singgah blog kamu2. mian.. nak update antivirus jek. nnt kita bbual panjang yek.

sorry lambat.. all the best untuk semua adik2 yg sedang bertarung dengan peperiksaan akhir tahun. eh.. peperiksaan akhir semester. semoga berjaya! jia y0u! ^^v