Friday, May 29, 2009


salam!!! hi people! how are you?? baracuda's doing fine. alhamdulillah. she's always in happy mode. haha. once asked, 'do you ever have problem?'. sure do. i mean, who doesnt? everyone does, rite. tapi perlu la nak merintih sepanjang masa. doesnt work that way,tho. not for her, at least. she loves to see smiling faces. it gives her more courage. you can overcome 1001 difficulties with just a smile. not fake smile. no. one with honesty. yes. that come from the bottom of your heart. haha. it gives you strength. to others. as well. so powerful that it can even stop a fight. lighten up your mood. cheer up people around you. but that doesnt mean she hates those without one. no. she's not hypocrite. she knows how things work. sure do. but y'know.. things happens. always. it wont stop. never. but it wont hurt to smile everytime you encounter one. haha. it really works. trust me.

'frown and you frown alone, but smile and the whole world smiles with you'.

btw, from Islamic perspective.. 'senyum tu satu sedekah'.. hekhekhek..

so.. say cheeeseeee..... (^_^)v


Thursday, May 28, 2009


salam!! mission accomplished. didiey telah dihantar untuk diperbaiki semula. mkck mmg bagi bazooookkaaaaa kat si pembaiki komputer itu. keyboard misplaced.. kotor sangat, wayar terkeluar.. blablabla.. quote kata-kata nanako, didiey versi 'frankenstein'. ngeee.... mkck tutup kata dengan 'saya takkan kene charge apa2 kan?' mkck da dapatkan nasihat dari pakar, kalau kena bayar, report kat FSFD. n i will. sekiranya didiey tidak dikembalikan kepada keadaan normal. try me.

p/s: nak g midvell. dapat tiket free. tayangan perdana terminator salvation. mata ne!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HEY4X..........HANG JEBAT!!!!!

salam! didiey da kuar ICU. tapi makin teruk. tadi gi amik bawa balik. depa buka cane ntah.. keyboard dier xleh detect langsung. siap terkeluaq dari tempat asalnya. tak ke ternganga mkck tgk. ngee. hempehh. sok pepagi. mkck akn melancarkan bazoooookaaaa kat itu kedai komputer. ngee. jaga la hangpa. berani mencederakan didiey ya. hmm. pada masa yang sama. kawan lelaki mkck ckp.. laaa...'aku p0n leh pasang mende tu..' skrg br nk mai habaq la kan.. mkck cabai satgi br taw. huhu. takpa. sok diskus. yg pntg mkck kene menuntut bela utk didiey. huh.


salam! yay!!! aishteru chazz!! from Dorkistic Design! here's my new layout! featuring KATTUN, Japanese boy band under Johnny's Entertainment. love em so much. the group name taken from the members' surname initials. Kazuya, Akanishi, Tanaka, Taguchi, Ueda and Nakamaru. Debut in 2006, they are one of the most popular group in Japan for now..with four studio's albums, ten singles and four or five big concerts.. i forgot. gomen. genre: pop. really good dancer. trust me. their music is basically different from other Japanese group like NEWS and Kanjani8. love all their songs. so much. kinda addicted to em. oops. i know. haha. dont u ever stop, lips, real face, keep the faith, wild heart, murasaki.. uhuh.. u should try to listen to em. their lyrics. catchy. really. their MVs.. cheers to their solo's as well. 1582, someday for somebody, kizuna, care, wonder... never tired listening to each one of em. addiction. hurm.. guess so. lead vocalist is kame followed by akanishi. but to me, akanishi is better, tho. haha. try to listen to their songs if you wanna try something different.

err.. gtg. got midterm at 10. ciao!

p/s: i love my new layout!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


salam! gonna have midterm tonite. i know. just a short post. hehe. just cant wait for baracuda's new layout. requested yesterday. suprisingly, she text me last nite. 'layout siap!'. hontoni??? yay! cant reply her text. n ive already gave a quick visit to it. n freaking love it. for thousand times, love her designs. n am kinda addicted to it. kcik. arigatou ne. u make my day. thanks 4 d wish. ^^

ngee... cant wait!


Monday, May 25, 2009


Salam!!! hi bloggers!! hikhikhik. happy. baracuda given award by nanako. dont know how and why. but thank you nana!! baracuda really appreciate it. baracuda will be having mid term test on 26th and 27th of may. arabic level 6 and parenting. both bring 30%. she'd done her revisions and skip instant noodles+asam for two weeks + with didiey in intensive care unit *which she find herself.. 'wooowwww'.. since those three are her bff*. so, she consider herself 'hardworking' enough. ye ke? please pray for her ek. *tamo pisang berbuah lima belas kali.. ngeee*

again. thanks nanako!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


salam. mode: sedih. didiey sakit. tadi baru anta pegi clinic. doc cakap kena periksa didiey dulu. tgk apa sakit dier. dan mkck beri sedikit gambaran and symptom berkenaan ngan penyakit didiey. doc tu diam kejap. pastu angguk. dan angguk lagi. mkck cam nak ckp. apa yg kamu anggukkan. pastu dia ckp. 'tu ada mslh i/d....#%$$^%#.. bahasa yg mmg mkck takkan faham. mkck anggukkn aje la. pastu doc ckp, 2 minggu blh. mkck ckp, ha??. 2 minggu?? dan terus cuba meraih simpati tuan doctor itu. seminggu takleh ke?? gila apa takde didiey 2 minggu. mati kutu la mkck. huhu. maka sekarang mkck kesepian tanpa didiey disisi. dia dimasukkan ke wad untuk pemeriksaan lanjut. 2 minggu. 14 hari. 336 jam. 20160 minit. 1209600 saat. lamanya. didiey. cepat la baik.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LE 4500

salam!! hi there!!! ive just finish le 4500 class where we've had several interesting presentations on public speaking.. y'know.. ethics, the do's and don'ts.. bla3... the presentations went well until a fight took place.. it wasnt really a fight i'd say.. its more towards a 'sarcastic conversation' which i enjoyed it. very much. hikhik... its all started when there was one bro (latin) being asked during his Q n A session by another bro(sudanese) from other group, unexpectedly, he wasnt satisfied with the 'attack' and when the sudanese turn came, he attacked him by continuously critisizing his way of talking, his appearance.. his slides.. in his own way. the thing is, this latin guy really love poem. he critisized the sudanese using tone we use in poem. *mkck bantai gelak x hengat laa. hambik bag tutup muka.. kahkahkah!!! gila kelakau!!* ape daaa.... tapi tabeq spring la! kalu dier msk theatre. kompem mkck g. serious! hikhikhik... dgn muke sume org cam nk biru p0n ade... mende la.. bayangkan ya.. kamu tengah marah nih! kutuk org x hingat. tapi dalam nada n bentuk poem.. hikhikhik... kerrriiiinnngggg tekakkk mkck... hikhikhik... ape daaa...*

moral of the story... jgn carik pasal ngan mamat latin. kang sangkut sbb dier mmg sweet talker x hengat. haha. zai jian!

p/s: lappyku meragam. have to replace the graphic card. adehhh.... -.-!!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


for those who keep asking what ive been doing for the 1st week of short semester..
hope this help.
ive gone collecting lotsa new things.
new faces.
new friends.
broader view of outside world.
people with
different colors.
different motives.
which eventually
we'll have to face
whether you like it or not.
that full of laughter and tears.
which lies in front of you
waiting for you
to choose
your very own

which i keep asking myself
am i ready for this?



Tuesday, May 12, 2009


salam!!!! annyeong!!! ngeee.. sekarang saya berada di uia.. in five minutes ada class arab. kaki berbandage. es0k ada quiz. for now.. saya ingin mengucapkan happy belated birthday to nurul azuwa haris and syamsul kamal nayan. semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.. doaku sentiasa mengiringi kamu berdua.. haha. btw, to our kawaii ustazah, cik siti fairuz kawid, selamat mengajar ya.. jangan cubet student.. nnt kene saman.. haha. and luzclarita! ya!! kata nk dtg last week! mana janji hang??? belasah baru taw!!! lagi,, hm.. shukri shaidan and fiza hanif... mari lunch bersama2.. ngehehe!!! nana ajak lunch. puhahahaha!!!!

baiklah.. sekian utk hari ini... assalammualaikum wbt..


Monday, May 4, 2009


salam. baracuda's not being herself right now. 1st week of semester III 08/09 lead her to current state. dont bother 2 ask why. it was her fault anyway. she's fully responsible for messing up her own life. having 10 more subjects to go... waiting to be filled in short semester and long semester is really a big time.. you know why.. with the cerdik pandai International Islamic University Malaysia's system of administration.. haha. padan muka dier.