Tuesday, March 31, 2009


salam! hi there! hehe.. baracuda's having lotsa fun this week.. haha.. have a long chat with her favorite lecturer after a while *last time it was last two semester*, finish watching gokusen1, gokusen 2, and now looking forward to gokusen 3. hahaha!!! suka2!!! need to finish all the gokusens before final exam. kalu tak, takleh fokus.. ngee.. for the exam.. hm.. 7 papers, begin with eap this fri and end with bureaucracy and public policy implementation on the 18th of April.. hehe.. wish me luck ehh... ganbatte!!!

makanya.. saya tidak akan berada diruangan ini buat sementara waktu.. kalu tetibe ade tu.. maksudnye tgh serabut ayam.. so, abaikan dier eh...hehe.. ^^v

k. tu jek..


gud luck for ur final!!! \(^-^)/


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Super Junior Comeback!!!!!!! 3rd Edition...^^v

salam!!! tadaaaa!!!!!! here's new icon of my super duper mannn ah hyukjae!!! credit goes to my lovely cute lil sis chazzie *sarangae!!!!!* *chazz jjang!!* *hug* erk.. mianhe.. im in a sengetzz state.. *fangirl mode* hak3.. getting more sengetzzzzer after listening to laling nana attempts to pronounce Urdu for her presentation tomorrow... * ya!!!! saket perut aku tahan gelak daaaa...., dah le boshhiee ade di sini.. xleh gelak kuat2..adehhh* -.-!!!!! neway.. gud luck for tomorrow my fren!! jia y0u!!!!*nana tend to menjerit tetibe everytime she make a mistake on the pronounciation.. here she goes again... *mangkuk tingkat2 tul la minah neyh..* kahkahkah!!!!*

return to hyukjae jjang!.. ngahahaha!!! Super Junior have make their comeback on the 13th of March 2009! At first, while watching their comeback performance, i felt a bit disappointed.. dunno.. maybe because i have put high expectation on their new album.. y'know.. after one year and six month.. well, i expect more than that.. and i even cried watching their new image.. haha.. *bad E.L.F ey..* but after a while.. things turn the other way around. i simply fall in love *again* on their 3rd album..love all the songs!! even there's less rapping part, but still.. love it!

love the dance *especially hyukjae part in Sorry Sorry! ahaks! hyukjae bias* their dance is different from the other two albums, having said that, they improve a lot from last time i can say.. yeah, after watching their performance at Inkigayo on the 15th of March 2009,*nosebleed* they getting better and HOTter in each performances. their vocal makin mantoppp....especially Kangin and Sungmin.. K.R.Y xyah cite la kan, their vocal strength is superb! as always. haha! others getting better too. *proud of them* *smiling* ngee... i simply admire whoever that choose their outfit! they look HOT ok.. black suits them, seriously! coughespeciallyhyukjaecough..haha!! their new hairstyle.. hik33.. chazz said 'aiissyyyy.. da cam kombinasi DBSK ngan SHINEE jek..* haha!! agree with her. still, they look good. hehe... *kyopta!!!!!* to conclude my review on their comeback.. Super Junior jjang!!!! hahahaha!!! *E.L.F*

okay.. enough nosebleed for today.. almost 7. nak tutup kedai.. ngehehe....

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
Naega naega naega meonjeo
Nege nege nege ppajyeo
Ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby
Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
Nuni busyeo busyeo busyeo
Sumi makhyeo makhyeo makhyeo
Naega michyeo michyeo baby

c ya!

p/s: for those who dont have a clue who super junior is, this is one of my fav Korean boy band.. hikhikhik.. for those who knows them.. care to comment on my review ok. we share our thought aite.. wanna listen to yours... hikhikhik... ^^v


Saturday, March 21, 2009


salam!!! yep, its saturday n im working. hikhik.. feel good to write after having such a great morning.. rite nana?? hikhik.. me, nana, luz, fixa and syuq have planned to meet this morning at female sports complex. *i was late for 40mins and fixa membebel at me the whole morning..ahaks!* fixa and syuq promised to teach us tennis since they keep talking about how interesting this sport is.. *i admit it now*

with me and nana lack of stamina, our coach having difficulties to teach us and have to shout to make us run for the precious ball..

coach fixa: 'kak at0n! kejar la bola tu!! hish!! lemah la pempuan neyh!! larik!! larik!!'
coach syuq: 'eh! kejar la bola tu!... tgk.. pukul pelan sangat sampai bola tu p0n malu nk pegi..' .. ehmm... kita duk kutip bola je la.. *huhu..kejam*...*tu blm campur maria sharapova la.. serena la..adehhh...*

luz wasnt scolded as many as us since she's a fast learner, can serve better and tall *so its easy for her to take the ball*. and both coaches like her. haha!! luz play netball and basketball before, so her stamina is good. *tak cepat pancit cam saya..err.. nana boleh tahan gak, bila syuq ajar dia..* but after few terrible rounds, i got better... and now i know how to serve even though not as good as our coaches. ganbatte!!! have enough run and scolded, we stop at 11 and plan to have next training somewhere next week. yay!!! cant wait!!

lepak at the court for a while, planning on next agenda.. and we decided to go and have breakfast together.. after a little quarrel *a must occasion everytime we're planning on something..lol..* on the road, *still quarrel**diselangi ngan gelak ketawa dek keletah p0kcik and m0kcik empat org tuh* we try to find kedai nasi lemak sedap, unfortunately full house and we have to find other spot. jalan punya jalan.. cari punya cari.. bising punya bising...ketawa punya ketawa '.. eh.. tu kedai tu cam best jek.. err.. tapi tak ramai org la.. xnak la..' hikhikhik.. at the end, we arrived at rebutia*somewhere in sungai rumput* and having breakfast there while playing with air sungai yg sangat sejuk.. refreshing!!! subhanallah...

how come we end up there?? long story... private me for the whole chapter eh.. just love that moment because i simply love air sungai, pokok2 besar.. hijau.... fresh air.. sound of cengkerik kat kampung.. with them alone.. are greatest comfort for me. seriously!

after a long chat.. finish our meal.. we return to iium dengan baju basah..

the end... of the great morning.. ahaks! thanks guys!^^

* listening to ss501's im ur man and Suju's Sorry2! ahaks!
* watching Super Junior's comeback show at Inkigayo!! Great performance and best live show ever! They are seriously HOT!!! *esp Hyukjae, danhyunaji!!* hahaha!!!! I love their 3rd album!! wo you!!!!

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
Naega naega naega meonjeo
Nege nege nege ppajyeo
Ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby
Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
Nuni busyeo busyeo busyeo
Sumi makhyeo makhyeo makhyeo
Naega michyeo michyeo baby


Thursday, March 19, 2009


salam!! hi people!! hope u'r doing fine... just finish method of da'wah class.. and we were having two(2) presentations. There was a presentation about the characteristics of a leader.. n bla..bla..bla.. all of a sudden, ustaz asked one of the presenter this interesting question.. confusing.. and haunted my mind until now..

'okay.. you have been telling me all those characteristics that we need upon a leader in a country.. now in your point of view, which do you prefer, a leader who is fasikh but know how to lead, know how to manage.. or rather a leader who is pious, but cant lead..?'

and surprisingly, the presenter said, 'i would choose 1st. because the leader who cant spread or transmit the da'wah has failed as a person himself.. those who know the hukm, the condition and the rules who witness a wrongdoings.. but doing nothing to stop it from happen is worse than evil.'

and the ustaz said, 'good. u may continue...'

and my mind said, 'what??? bleh ek??'

and here is the definition of fasikh:

corrupt – antithesis of ‘adil, according to some scholars, or synonymous with kafir (disbeliever) according to others.

n here's the real confusion. As a political science student, i have been taught a lot about philosophy, government and institutions. we've been exposed to scholars theories on good qualities of a leader.. keep aside western thinkers, among Muslim scholars themselves; piety and virtue(knowledge) come first. a fasikh doesnt fit because he failed the requirement. i got that point.

but now, the ustaz claim the opposite.

.........*berfikir lagi*
............*dan terus berfikir....*


here's my thought..

to lead is not what you get as soon as you were born.. a lot of skills required, true. but you can always learn, its all there in the Qur'an and Sunnah. and a good leader is one who can guide the subordinate to the right path.. not the other way around.. true?

but how come a fasikh can be a leader?

i need to make myself clear on this issue so could you, my thoughtful bloggers friends, readers and indirect teachers.. please give your piece of thought on this issue... so, i can regain my peaceful state of mind...

p/s1: again.. do leave comment of my writing error.. so i could improve.. thank you teacher!!

p/s2: haha!! *hv been listening to suju's 3rd n bof ost all day* sambil kaki digerakkn mengikut rentak lagu.. haha.. hyukjae!!!!*kcik... x puas hati la.. ost bof ini bukan versi yg akak dengar.. how come eh??*

p/s3: yay!!! mabah saya menghantar kari ayam yang sangat lazat!!! terima kasih mabah!!! hmm... sedang menaip sambil menikmati bau kari masakan rumah... *krrkkkrkk* itu perut saya yang memberi signal suruh segera pulang.. dia minta diisi... hahaha.. *sabar ya... sattttt je lagik....*


............*erk* *lapar*@@

later! ^^v


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Salam!!!! hi frens!! how are you? as you can see.. im changing Baracuda Alert!!! hahaha!!! n im writing in English.. d whole new world... *need to do something to improve my writing skill* *SERIOUSLY*

Today is the starting point of several things actually.. let see......
  1. need to start writing in English *need to overcome 'rasa malu bila org baca esei saya'*
  2. im not going to entertain issues related to 'sakit jiwa', 'emo overdose', n etc.. ya... positive!! positive!! haha!!
  3. no more 'sentap2' post*referring to myself* more to motivational discussion.. so i can encourage myself to think positively, and at the same time remind others that there will always be a solution for any problem and conflict arise. poyo?? suka hati la.. ada aku kisah?? hua3333!!!!
  4. Alhamdulillah.. i managed to complete all my assignments on time.. hehe.. having hard time this past three weeks actually because everything need to be submit exactly on the same date. 'tergolek sana sini' since i play a lot before.. n never take things seriously...n bila bende dtg mendadak, br kelam kabut. serve me right! haha.. guess what? now i know how to arrange my schedule PROPERLY.. learn to finish task given without DELAY... masa tdo, tdo... masa main,main.. masa makan, makan.. once we have good time management.. we'll be fine.. haha.. hmm.. ada hikmah di sebalik tiap kejadian... moral of the story; never make assumptions, always muhasabah diri everytime dugaan dtg, n d most important part is always remember this questions:
      1. selalu igt tujuan anda berada disini..
      2. apa main aim anda.. n
      3. ingat mabah yg ada kat rumah tu.. ingat setiap titik peluh mereka yg jatuh utk membesarkan anda.. insyaAllah.. anda berada di jalan yg betul..*peringatan kpd diri sendiri dan sahabat*
hehe.. tada!! Baracuda Alert with new look! credit goes to chazzie from Dorkistic Design for this super lovely layout!! love it so much!!! featuring Fahrenheit, love them!!! all time favourite boy band after Super Junior. she's having difficulties finding pictures of Wu Chun *since i request more Wu Chun, danhyunaji!!* haha!! mianhe lil sis.. later mkck blnja eskrem eh... hikhik.. always admire her layout.. n kombinasi warna yg mmg akan menarik hati sesiapa yg melihat.. *go see her blog.. you'll agree with me^^*

oops.. 3am already.. gtg..

p/s: i need to improve my writing skill.. please leave comment ok.. it would be better if its about writing error.. mistake.. thank you..^^v


Sunday, March 8, 2009


salam!!! allo kengkawan sekalian!!! ngahaha!!! minta maap yek.. mkck x dpt nk mengupdate utk sementara waktu nih... hahaha.. nnt2 le yekk... byk mende nk wat.. nk balik umah.. rindu pelukcium mabah, rindu kena ketuk n buli ngan adeq2 n anak2 sedare kat umah, rindu nk kuar ngan kengkawan.. rindu nk kuar ngan tuuuttttt.. rindu nk kuar dari sg pusu... rindu nk meronggeng..rindu nk buat mcm2 la.. tp end up nye.. mkck terperap dalam bilik depan laptop.. tdo dicelahan nota2 ngan buku2..menyiapkan kije yg cam x nmpk masa depan nk abes.. almost everyday ade dating ngan h0d melap0rkan diri (punishment for my bad attitude for past two months) huhu..*jgn tny apa dan knp*

perintah berkurung ini akan berakhir setelah CAM kuar.. n p0kcik h0d kesayangan ramai itu satisfied ngan improvement n kelakuan mkck.. haha..*padan muka aku*

maka.. selepas itu.. akan ku lebarkan sayapku!!! hahaha!!! terbang merata2!!!hahaha!!!

mcm2 mkck nk cite.. nnt mkck smpn mkck wat bundle p0st eh...


p/s: kpd visitors, nnt mkck g lawat page kamu2 yek.. mkck update ni sbb ramai da menjerit samada virtually ato depan muka. haha..

akhir kata...

maju lah sukan utk negara!!!! hahaha!!!!!