Saturday, April 25, 2009


salam!! hi there! its been a while ne.. spent 3 days at home really calm me down. so much had happend lately. study+family+friends+sampah masyarakat and stuff.. wont merungut bout dat.. its life. i'll bravely continue to step forward no matter what people say.. 'regret' is the last word i would choose. being me, ive been taught to be positive, independent and smile always. whenever i'm about to take another step forward, abah will continuously say;

'... jangan buat keje separuh jalan.. abah bagi anak abah pilih jalan hidup sendiri, jadi pandai2 la nak hidup, jangan salahkan sesiape kemudian hari.. buat baik kat orang, ni hari dia.. esok2 hari kite pulak...'

it took me forever to understand clearly why abah always repeat those words, *ye la.. nk wat guane.. anak abah lampi ya rabbi* ngahaha!! but after some time, i slowly understand and follow the flow.. abah try to show me the real meaning of life.. outside there, tanpa akar yang kuat, you wont survive. mistake is your 'bestfriendforever'. it teach you to be better person and tougher. after several failure and mistakes, that strong akar will slowly grow.. haha!! complicated ne.. and the most important thing is, buat baik di balas baik.. to gain people's respect, you need to respect them first. they are your best 'mirror'.

ive been scold many times by my ex rumates back at kuantan; 'ko jangan igt dunia ni berputar di keliling ko jek.. keluar dari kepompong ko tu. cuba pandang sekeliling! jgn igt ko jek jadi mangsa.. ko xkan kemana ngan perangai ko tu! tak bawak pekdah kat sesape pon!' huhu.. it's because i always assumed 'its all about me'.. whenever there's conflict, i'll take the blame and my friends annoyed with my attitude. thanks friends! you guys taught me a lot!

so, no matter how hard the cobaaaaannn was.. i'll try to overcome it.. dgn hati yg terbuka!

but, lately.. it seems like ive lost my focus.. and it led me to you-dont-wanna-go state of mind. tend to isolate myself from outside world. dont know why.. however,having a really peaceful three days at home wake me up! alhamdulillah... guess what?? i 'woke up' during cooking for my family. haha!!! watching them eating.. cheer me up and bring back colors to my blank mind. ngehehehe!!! kelakau t0l.. and everything went back to normal.. alhamdulillah...^^

hek3.. cooking still the best theraphy after all. adios!!!^^v


Thursday, April 23, 2009


tagged by nanako.. again.. hahaha... seronok ko yerk???

let see..

1. You will tag this to 8 people. erk?? x dapat..
2. When the tagging reached to a person named “Grace”, the tagging will stop. ???
3. Answer the questions HONESTLY and have fun.

Why did you choose (your site’s name)?
suke2. got dis nick from ex-rumates.. its one of the fish in feeding frenzy.. xtaw?? tny chazz..

What is your favorite color combination so far?
black n pink...?

Who is your favorite Friend online? Why?
hek??? x dpt dikenalpasti..

Who is your favorite chatmate?
same as above...

OK, Thanks for Answering! Let’s talk about something personal:

How many boyfriends have you had since birth?

Do you have boyfriend?

Hmmm… When (age) was your first kiss?
erk??? mase kcik2 leh kire??

What was your feeling?
x hingat.. kcik lagik

So… Let’s talk something about your country. This one is very serious. (M’kay) ?

Where did you came from (country)?

Then what’s the nationality?

What’s the official language?
Bahasa Malaysia

How many languages can you speak? What are they?
Average Malay & English language

Are you proud of your country?
yup! danhyunaji!!!

Hope you learned something from these questions. OK, last set of questions.

What’s your hairstyle?

What’s your beauty style?

What’s your clothing style?
simple, plain.. and comfy..

Anything else you want to say?
saya sgt hampeh chapter men keja2 online nih.. mianhe people...

And I wanna tag:


Saturday, April 18, 2009


tagged by nanako... panjang x hingat...

5 brands that you like the most:

- x sure. haha!!

5 brands that you dislike the most:

- same as above. sbb aku bedal jek bende ape p0n. ngeee.. taste cap ayam.^^

5 countries that you want to go the most:
  1. korea
  2. Japan
  3. china
  4. middle east
  5. european continent

5 countries that you do not want to go the most:
- xde.

5 items that you like the most:
  1. didiey *lappy*
  2. n70 + sim card saya.. no phone pertama saya dan insyaAllah xkan tukar sampe bila2..*pemberian mabah*
  3. bag ceklat yg beli kat bandung.. *da nk jahanam... -.-!!*
  4. segala bentuk keychain yg ada dlm simpanan saya. *keychain collector*
  5. jam alba *1st gift dr you-know-who* ahaks! ^^v
5 items that you dislike the most:
- haha. x sure. sume aku bedal asal leh pake.

5 people that you love the most: *nak lebih 5 ble??*
  1. me, myself and i
  2. parents + adek beradek lagik 10org tuh + 16 org ank buah.. bleh??
  3. Lunchsters
  4. Angklungians
  5. p0kcik *you-know-who*
5 people that you hate the most:
-x bek benci org.. nnt kite kene balik.. haha.. ntah. org yg dibenci x dpt dikenalpasti. da lupe. aku ade masalah short term memory lost. ^^

5 colors that you like the most:
  1. pink
  2. ceklat
  3. itam
  4. peach
  5. ijo
5 colors that you dislike the most:

5 things that you dream the most:
  1. rumah kat tepi laut
  2. cooperS
  3. jawatan kat HR dept
5 things that you do not dream at all:
  1. lesen kete.. nape kene bawa kete.. kenderaan awam kan byk.. -.-!!!
  2. id0p tanpa mabah disisi
  3. *berfikir.......*
  4. *berfikir...................*
  5. *dan berfikir lagik..* tu jek kot...
5 of your positive characters:
  1. Positive
  2. pendengar yg leh diharap, bak kata member saya
  3. confident *to some extent jek* ngehehe...
  4. peramah
  5. ade sket sense of humor.. kot..
5 of your negative characters:
  1. panas baran
  2. bad time management
  3. selfish
  4. amik mudah sume bende
  5. dan byk lagik... hahah!!!
5 moments that you miss the most:
  1. men angklung sampe lebam sambil bersuke ria tanpa memikirkan pak guard kunci pintu
  2. camping kat pantai balok sesuke hati aku time diploma dulu *fly tetiap mggu* XDD
  3. dulu tetiap mlm mgg abah suke bawa ank2 abah yg seblas org ni mkn angin sampe kul 3 pg.. semata2 nk g cuci mata ngan lampu neon warna warni yg ade kat bandar kL tu n pada masa yg sama abah leh menikmati bawak van di jalan yg lengang, nikmat giler..x jam cam siang hari. hahaha!! best weh. kekadang kitorg merayau sampe port klang nk rs angin laut di mlm ari n aku sibuk lari dari lipas yg buduh dan huduh itew.... huh.. rindu sungguh waktu itu.. skunk sume da besau.. da kawen. xleh jln2 da.. kalu g p0n, tggl aku ngan tasya jek. xde maknenye.. xde feel berebut makanan..
  4. tlg mak g anta kuih dipagi ari seblum g skola
  5. tdo kat leberi masa fly class mase skola menengah.. ngee..
5 moments that you do not want to remember at all:
- x igt

5 positive characters of your best buddies:
  1. memahami
  2. marah aku bila aku wat salah
  3. penyayang
  4. good listener
  5. susah senang bersama
5 negative characters of your best buddies:
-aku x perasan, depa sengal overdose kot..

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life):
  1. tdo
  2. tenet
  3. masak pastu tgk org mkn bende yg aku masak
  4. wrestling ngan ank buah aku and disakat oleh adek2 aku.. kalu tu leh mengembirakn mereka.. aku redha. hahah!!
  5. monthly dinner ngan keluarga aku yg ramai di taman melati
5 things that you regret the most:
- x igt

Favorite animal: pooh

Favorite actor: sume aku layannn...

Favorite actress: same as above

Favorite things that you do when you are alone: tdo

Favorite website: youtube, google video

Favorite moment: tdo

Favorite sport: sepak bola..

Favorite vegetable: sume jns sayur

Favorite movie: for now, hinokio

Tag another 10 people : nil

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


salam! hii people!! nothing much to tell, juz wanna share dat ive spent most of my time on jpop lately. be it dramas, movies, concerts or reality showS.. sume aku redah. ngahaha!! yeah.. i know.. with finals and wut not.. bla3.. and still having two seksa to go..*-.-!!!* had cheerful dinner with lunchsters juz now.. dis crazy bunch of people, never fail to make my day. arigatou ne.. guys, i wont say sayonara because i believe we'll meet again. sooner or later.. ngehehe.. lagip0n blog ade..spam suda...ape daaaa....XDDD btw..hepi belated birthday fizahanif!!!

this old clip taken from Johnny's musical "Dream Boys 06".. they sang Kizuna.. this beautiful song wrote by Kamenashi Kazuya, one of Kat-Tun members who was also involve in the musical together with fellow members, Kanjani8, and others from Johnny's Entertainment. this is one of my fav song from Kat-Tun.. they gonna create history by having mega concert at Tokyo Dome for 10 days non-stop this coming May.. ganbatte ne!!! hikhik.. enjoy!! ^^

*clip from


No matter how much we consider the future
No one can see the truth
Something is blocking my blank mind
It's just a mistake that I've been repeating

It's okay for my steps to continue, these hands have separated
Walking away from where you continue to live
Until I become worn out I keep prolonging it
That time, that place, it will never disappear - this bond

In time that flows, I try not to lose anything
Passing by, we collided - true emotion
Permeated my heart, into warm desires
The miracle I requested came about by chance

Even when things couldn't stand still, amidst the pain
I saw the light, because we were bound together
It's okay if you lied, and it's okay to cry
That time, that place, it will never disappear - this bond

It's okay for my steps to continue, these hands have separated
Walking away from where you continue to live
Until I become worn out I keep prolonging it
That time, that place, it will never disappear - this bond

Kazuya wrote this song for his bff.. and his bff replied with a song to.. titled 'Care'.. kawaii ne... and i dedicate this song to my friends.. u know who u r.. ^^v

btw.. there will be no more ngot2! dush2! in Baracuda Alert!!!.. sayonara didiey.. *sob2*